About my reviews

I started writing reviews on the forums just for fun.  Strangely, I really enjoyed the review process and on whim one day I decided to start this website to collate them all. 

All knives I review are part of my personal collection and have been purchased for the full retail price.  I do not have any affiliation with the dealers mentioned in my reviews (other than being their customer).

Generally I will carry and use a knife for a minimum of a month before writing a review. 

I hope you enjoy reading them!


About Me

An architect by training, I have collected knives since I was in my early teens. 

It all started when I was promised a pocket knife by my father for my 13th birthday.  When my father reneged I went and purchased my own, a lovely Victorinox Tinker (which, incidentally I still have and use to this day). 

The SAK (Swiss Army Knife) was quickly followed by several other cheap surgical stainless 'tactical' folders from the local Army Surplus store and the snowball has been rolling since then!

Over the years I have been through many phases of collecting, from low/mid priced modern folders, fix blades, traditionals, high end production and custom knives.  Today, my current collection is relatively small (compared to some, but, not according to my wife!) and includes favourites from each phase of my collecting journey. 

Typically I know what I like and will buy knives which fit that mould, however, I do enjoy trying something new or weird every once in a while.

Feel free to drop me a line with requests, suggestions, feedback or just for a chat.