Terzuola Knives Catalogue 1999


Find below a scan of the 1999 Terzuola Knives Catalogue and Century Starfighter supplemental which may interest some folks:


Just a couple of gratuitous pics of my Terzuolas:

A pair of ATCFs with my well loved user on the bottom and near mint back-up on top.  The pile side of the user has a big chip out of the G10.  I wish I sent it back in to get fixed up before Bob scaled things back.


A little Mk-1 which makes a great EDC.  Bob T wasn't happy with me when I put some lubricant on the pivot and gummed it all up, apparently they don't need it.


A recent midtech ATCF EDC in carbon fibre.  Around 3/4 of the size of the custom ATCF, these are made by Steel Flame and finished, tuned and sharpened by Bob.  Once broken in, it makes for a great little EDC knife.


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